Halsey announces that it will move away from the stage for a time


Halsey just to give start to her world tour Manic World Tour and has wanted to start for the european part of the tour. In fact, the singer has gone through Madrid and Barcelona with resounding success, showing that if it is one of the most relevant artists of the moment is for something. However, his last publication of Instagram she has left her fans something descolocados because it seems to be announcing a withdrawal of the scenarios.

will be offering concerts in Europe until the next march 12when you will finish the last of their shows and will be heading to the united States where it will continue to offer concerts.



The artist is delighted with the reception that they are having their shows and we like to make sure all is well among his followers. Proof of this was the nice gesture you had with the people that were lining up to see it in Madrid: he sent his security team that gave hot food for the fans.

Thanks to the social networks this action became viral and we were able to verify that not only brought them food but also worried that they had candy for a snack. Now, followers of Halsey have gone from excitement to concern following the last post that the singer has done on Instagram.

Halsey, acting on 'The Voice' next to Jade Chynoweth

Halsey, acting on ‘The Voice’ next to Jade Chynoweth

This is a set of photographs belonging to the show that is featuring in direct, specifically that of Munich (Germany). The concern is not in the pictures but rather in what he has written below. How is announcing Halsey who is retiring?

“I think that 2020 will mark the end of my tour for a time. Thank you for making the memories so special. I am appreciating all the nights.”, you can read in the publication of Halsey in their social networks.

The followers of the singer have filled the post of messages, some of encouragement, and the other asking what was being referred to with this writing, which is proving somewhat confusing for all of them. For the moment, Halsey has not given more clues about the meaning of your post.

Everything seems to point to the singer, that needs a time to recover and rest, and that is what it will take when you finish this world tour.