Halsey gives his all in his concert and this fact proves it


Halsey continues to enjoy the most of your world tourbefore taking a well-deserved break and get off the stage by a certain time, as she herself announced a few days ago through his account of Instagram.

The artist lives in the present and is delivered to the public at each concert. Currently, it is located in the Uk and could not be more happy, in fact, that is what has made know to his fans: “Scotland is where I belong, I think. My heart grew 3 sizes every time I made you laugh. My show is a roller coaster. It is my favorite part of all that I love of music” he wrote Halsey in your account of Instagram alongside some pictures of the concerts.

“Sometimes it is bright and pop, sometimes it’s ethereal and interpretive, vulnerable and intimate, while it is sometimes scary or sweaty and throbbing, or larger than life when I’m 50 feet in the air” continued

And thus ended text: “Other times I’m literally in the pit with you, holding your hands, brushing your hair behind your ears. There’s not really a specific type of audience or audiences that I consider ideal. The experience changes so MUCH every night, which shows that it is exactly what it says. A world tour manic. Thank you for being so open”

Such delivery, has its consequences, and these also have been shared, because his delivery is such that her knees are shattered after each concert. Halsey has posted a picture of their knees for their fans to look as good as you are stepping off the stage.

Without a doubt, is living one of the best moments of your life, and so made to know with each publication, where he can’t hide his elation: “I Left my guts on the stage, I feel sorry for the team that has to clean them and I’m sorry for passing the curfew ??♀️? Needed more time with my people… they make me feel alive… London, thank you, thank you for this memorable night. I want to relive that again and again forever. Turned the O2 into a damn O7” wrote after the concert in London.