Halsey reveals why you have no friends


Halsey is in the midst of the promotions of his album, “Manic”, the singer has explored various stages of his life and personality through their songs.

Recently, in a interview for The Guardian, the singer confessed what has been the most difficult thing for her and although some may come to think that everyone wants to be her friend by being a celebrity, the reality is another. We tell you what he said.

Halsey he admitted that for some people it came to be a part of thrilling of your life, but when it is no longer needed, just say good-bye. What?? She also confessed that in their relationships loving the people considered that it was boring, but learned not to worry about it.

In terms of the friendsbelieves that no one wants to engage in that kind of relationship with her, her personality is dramatic by nature and always have something to say about it, so he thinks that they are scared of what may come to say.

However, despite this situation, Halsey don’t want to spend energy feeling bad about it. What do you think? The singer is not afraid to say what he thinks.