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Halsey is on tour, enjoying the delivery and passion of your audience in each one of their concerts. Now is by the United Kingdom and may not be more than a splurge of happiness.

“Scotland is where I belong, I think. My heart grew 3 sizes every time I made you laugh. My show is a roller coaster. It is my favorite part of all that I love of the music”, he wrote along with some images of his live in Glasgow.

“Sometimes it is bright and pop, sometimes it’s ethereal and interpretive, vulnerable and intimate, while sometimes it is scary or sweaty and throbbing, or larger than life when I’m 50 feet in the air,” I kept explaining in networks on what they assume their concerts.

“Other times I’m literally in the pit with you, holding your hands, brushing your hair behind your ears. There’s not really a specific type of audience or audiences that I consider ideal. The experience changes so MUCH every night, which shows that it is exactly what it says. A world tour manic. Thank you for being so open”, I ended up saying about what you are experiencing.

And of course, so much passion, so much dedication and so much roller coaster, it has its consequences and these also the has shared. We have been able to see how are your knees after a concert. You can’t say that their delivery is not total.

After that came London and the euphoria was similar. “Tickets sold out O2!!! Holy holy holy. This night was one of the best moments of my life and career. A show of 2 hours which went so fast that I could have blink and feel like I had finished. Absolutely out of the body,” he wrote.

“I left my guts on the stage, I feel sorry for the team that has to clean them and I’m sorry for passing the curfew ??♀️? Needed more time with my people… make me feel alive… London, thank you, thank you for this memorable night. I want to relive that again and again forever. Turned the O2 into a damn O7”, added totally excited.

Yes, better not to see how to follow their knees.

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