How lips Kylie Jenner? Anabel Mua tells you how


It is already less, azquerozo! Is what I repeat every day in front of the mirror to better carry it to be enclosed, and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I to annoy me a little. See, a little bit yes I get bored, but I agree that you are very in need of beauty advice, and go to the rescue.

Today I’ve taken as a model to the small of the Kardashian, Kylie, who has been lined but well selling your image look how cute I am and all the style that I have. Although your monkey tricks and your lips seem to be unattainable, are not for nothing. Give the triangle of the play in the video above and in a minute and 47 seconds I will tell you how it’s done. I swear.

And don’t tell me that you don’t have a minute and 47 seconds free because I don’t believe you. Then good that you will spend hours there, looking at networks and looking for things to do. If again you get that, head over to you by one of my direct and you’ll see as we laughed. itAzquerozo!