Husband of Nicki Minaj, registered as a sex offender


When it seemed that Nicki Minaj had ceased to be the center of attention for their numerous fights, revealing costumes, or conflicting comments, it has come to her husband and has been put back in the spotlight.

Despite the fact that the rapper is out of public life, and focused on improving its relationship with itself and to form a family, it seems that the men around her of planning to leave her to rest.

A few weeks ago we talked about how his brother had been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his step-daughter, of eleven years, from April to November of 2015, repeated twice a day. We now speak of the new problem court you are facing your new husband.

Kenneth Petty is a sex offender convicted of attempted rape in 1995, for which he spent four years in prison, and was sentenced to a 10-year sentence, but only served seven, in 2006 after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the first degree.

Now, the husband of Minaj, has been officially registered as a sex offender after he was accused by not be declared potentially dangerous by the judicial system of Los Angeles, the place of his new residence. This has caused Petty to have to pay a fine of one hundred thousand dollars and a trial the next April 28. As a result I could spend the next ten years of his life in prison, an environment that already knows well.

While the fans of the artist do not like anything the relationship between Nicki and Kenneth, the rapper has defended in more than one occasion all the criticism that it is receiving: “He was 16, she 16. They were in a relationship. But to go to the Internet, gives me the same. You can not control my life. You can’t even be responsible for your own life. Thanks for nothing,” he wrote. It seems that the singer is ready to face any adversity to defend his love.