‘I Coronavairas!’, the video of Cardi B in panic was the most watched of Instagram in march | Viral


The rapper became a viral for the way in which he took the pandemic

March has been an intense month in the real world due to the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. For this reason, social networks are being more used than ever, and

Cardi B

managed to highlight as the most view.

According to the firm that is devoted to the analysis of digital videos and music, PEX, the interpreter of “I Like It“the video produced with more reproductions on Instagram during the month of march. In addition, as well as Instagram was dominated by 2019 by Kylie Jennerthis month was for the rapper; he managed to put 5 videos of yours among the 10 most seen characters of music.

Number one managed to 27.8 million views and was published on the 10th of march. In it you can see Cardi B sharing with his followers the panic you feel about how fast I had grown up with the expansion of the coronavirus.

“I Coronavairas!, I Coronavairas! I’m telling you is real”, you hear in the video the american.

This same clip was the one that days after it was mixed by producer and DJ, iMarkkeyz, to convert your fear in a funny video meme with a catchy tune.Watch the video below.

The other 4 videos that Cardi B achieved position in the top 10 were: In the

mockery of Donald Trump by to greet with the elbow


she crashing with a giant tower of jenga


his excitement for being in the news chinese

and your

criticism of the response has had the government of the united States response to the pandemic


In the rest of the top listed stars intentional as: Bad Bunny, The Rock, Selena Gomex and Enzo Zelocchi, in addition to a commercial telephone company of India, OPPO India.

Top10 of the most viewed videos on Instagram, according to PEX

Cardi B

– 27.8 million

Enzo Zelocchi

– 24.3 million

Cardi B

– 23.6 million

Selena Gomez

– 23.4 million

Cardi B

– 21.4 million

Bad Bunny

– 19.6 million

OPPO India

– 19.5 million

Cardi B – 19.2 million

The Rock – 18.9 million

Cardi B – 17.7 million