I removed the paper! Warner doesn’t like Jason Momoa as Aquaman Do You agree?


Warner Bros is apparently not in accordance with the adaptations you have made of the heroes of DC Comics and, to correct all their mistakes and compete with Marvel, have revealed that Jason Momoa will no longer be the hero of Atlantis.

A while ago the fans thought that the protagonist of Aquaman it would be a man, covered in seaweed and with the power to speak with the fish, and that the film would be a fiasco.

In the opposite case, when it was announced Jason as the one responsible for giving life to Arthur Curry, the set was filled with admiration and respect, as Momoa took seriously to create a unique version of this character.

The profits did not wait, and Warner raised on average more than $1.1 billion. This helped the protagonist of DC Comics to move up in the list of premieres, facing its strongest competition.

Despite the joy that gave this character to the recording studio, everything points to that the actor hawaiian no longer construed in this paper, by what you are already doing casting calls to search for his replacement.

According to the website ‘We Got This Covered’, even the interpreter american will be the king of Atlantis in a second and even third if you can, and then yes will change the series completely.

The successor will be a recap of the DCEU of Kaldur cut animated “Young Justice”. There are reports that the son of Black Manta ends up being the ward of Aquaman and finally leads to the team of justice. If they do so, maybe Momoa I could continue but as a supporting character. I’ll see if you agree!