Issa las Vegas are surprised with the hot style dance Jennifer Lopez

Issa Las Vegas managed to leave breathless several of his followers in Instagram when you publish one of his videos hottest, where you can watch the influencer fitness by performing a very sensual dance style Jennifer Lopez.

Remember that Issa Las Vegas it has become one of the most sensual women and popular social networks, where they constantly share their best tips and exercise routines to stay in shape.

Also known as the “Crossfit Girls”, Issa las Vegas has achieved a great fame in Instagram where she has over 6 million followers, who constantly are surprised with the photos and videos most sensual of the influencer.

Issa las Vegas surprises us with hot dance

And although crossfit is your forte, Issa las Vegas showed a great talent for the dance showing some of their best steps to the style and rhythm of Jennifer Lopez. A video that has become one of the favorites among your followers.

As expected his followers on Instagram quickly reacted to this sexy video that in just a couple of hours it had already managed to attract more than 240 thousand video views, 50 thousand likes and hundreds of comments where they flatter the sensuality of the girl fitness.

Issa las Vegas conquest Instagram

Recall that Issa las Vegas owes much of its fame to its participation in some programs and television shows, as the program Today where you have shared some of their best routines of exercises.

You may be interested to Issa las Vegas says that stereotypes are a MI4RD4 Dang miss!

This participation in the mexican television has led her to be compared with other artists such as Yanet Garcia, who also owns one of the bodies most spectacular. And where both have been compared on several occasions by having a rearguard of envy, and to prove it, just look at it quickly the accounts of Instagram each you’ll run out of breath!

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