It can not be! Dua Lipa also seeks to collect money… do you Copy Lady Gaga?


During the quarantine were programmed mechanisms to raise funds and help those most in need. But now the BBC quoted Dua Lipa to carry out a new presentation.

It was the same british singer has who confirmed that he will be part of this project that is planned to give an understanding of the important television channel, in which different musical experts will give life to the song “Times Like These”, Foo Fighters.

For the moment, Dua Lipa form part of a large list of 24 successful performers in the music industry who will be responsible for this new version of the success of the iconic american band.

The letter that will be the british artist it could have been created in a context of confinement, as among its verses says, “in times like these you learn to live again… In times like these give and give again… in times like these you learn to love again…”.

In this sense, the donations will be made through the website of the BBC, and the money they get to collect the work of the singer of 24 years of age and his colleagues will be distributed among the organizations, “Comic Relief” and “Children on Need”, which will aim to help the hardest hit by the health crisis that has gripped the world.