It is better that Becky G! JLo surprises fans with a pyjama What a woman!


Jlo takes over the social networks with this unique style of dance

JLo is the kind of women that look good with anything you put on, this is thanks to its stunning curves which fail to grab attention and reflectors, in addition to its beauty recognised throughout the world has made him a popular fixture on social networks.

Digging a little more on the appearance of the diva, we find a video where it looks more radiant than ever, without accessories, and without the need to show its attributes, just wearing a cute pajamas, the diva managed to monopolize the social networks.

Jennifer wore a pyjama and a loose-fitting very delicate white colour with some decorations green style christmas, in the video you can see the diva doing a dance very lively to welcome the christmas festivities of the past year.

The diva from the bronx likes to share with his followers many important moments of his life, which has been well accepted by their fans, in addition looks very natural, proven that without any of the makeup may also look fabulous.

Between the comments of the video include : “hahaha looks like another pretty girl alex”, “live the life”, “Jlo salsa dancing! Bravo, baby!”, “Do you ever take a minute of rest?”