‘It was very painful to feel so ashamed of my body’


Knowing the personality as landslide Miley Cyruswho would say that you have insecurities? If there is something that characterizes the singer exudes an incredible strength and seems to have no complexes. However, it is also human, and in recent years it has experienced difficult times in which lost confidence in itself. Apparently, it all started at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, when he made one of his performances more controversy with singer Robin Thicke. “I was two or three years without me shorts. I wear skirts on stage… and it was all because after the VMA and bring my nice set nude, they all began to compare myself with a turkey”.

Miley Cyrus talks about the insecurities about your bodyVIEW GALLERY

I was so thin and so pale…”, confessed Miley in their networks in a direct that he shared with the also singer Demi Lovato. “I felt so bad with myself that I haven’t got bikini for two years. No one thought that all this affect me in any way (…) Memes can be very fun, but can also be very painful,” he explained, assuring that “when it comes to it, it is not so fun.” “The people made all these jokes and, for me, was a wake-up call to use what I had at my reach to a larger purpose. It was then when I started the Foundation, Happy Hippie, because I needed something bigger than this industry who made me feel so bad with myself.”

The singer ensures that we lived in that moment marked his life and realized that I could nor wanted to follow as well. “I think I was 21 years old, I began to understand myself as an independent person and it was very painful to feel so ashamed of my body. Really affected my personal life. My seal has always been not to apologize for what I do and to be sure of myself, so that the worst thing that I could do for my fans was lying or being a fraud,” said Miley, who was more candid than ever when talking about their complexes. “I realized that trying to be the girl most secure on the planet was in fact a hoaxbecause in truth I felt so bad that I could not even wear bathing suits or shorts. And when he went with leggings or tights, I wore four pairs because I was feeling very insecure.”

Miley Cyrus talks about the insecurities about your bodyVIEW GALLERY

Now that seven years have passed, it seems that the singer has regained the confidence in herself and no longer feels self-conscious of your body. In fact, a few months ago he surprised his fans by publishing a photo session of the most suggestive in the coming boasting tipazo in bikini. Miley took advantage of the trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado that you made with your family to answer some haters that ensured that I was too thin. “Keep moving, still climbing” or “If I stare at… you can see it in my eyes… this girl will always find her way“were some of the messages that was posted.