James Charles is criticized for making a joke deemed anti-LGBT


James Charles got a little quiet after his scandal, 2019, for having “betrayed” to one of her larger friends, but it seems that after the calm comes the storm or how was it?

The YouTuber has not had the best start of the year and returned to cause controversy in social networks because of comments that were viewed as insensitive. We tell you what happened.

Through his Twitter account, the influencer of the makeup he shared some photos where he sported a look that’s feminine; however, the accompanied with the following message: “I when the rules come to me for recruitment”. What?????

James he wanted to make a joke about the recent events in the possible Third World War and although it is a topic too seriously, netizens were upset for another reason and began the criticism.

In recent years, the community LGBT has gained little by little more rights and more recognition, so that some users were upset by the publication of James and viewed him as someone against the community; in addition, there is a law that prohibits men who choose to become women to serve in the army.

James tried to justify and said, its tweet was because they did not want to live a war in the future. What do you think?

One user even accused him of defending themselves, but still allegedly blocked to some girls LGBT that he called for his bad joke.