James Charles is transformed into Dua Lipa and the result is shocking


James Charles

Dua Lipa has changed its look many times, but the one who brings it to you right now has given what to talk about, so much that the beauty blogger, James Charles he wanted to imitate him. But in reality, it all started because in the delivery of the Video Music Awards, confused the singer with the influencer.

Users on Twitter began to viralise photo of Dua Lipa on the red carpet and among the comments to read a lot of them who said that “Dua is the identical James Charles”, even emerged memes and notes about it. Only that enough to that the blogger will take it seriously and decided to mimic the look of the interpreter Physical.

The video is now available on her Youtube channel, she starts talking about all the times that I have been confused with the Dua, then makes a comparison of his voice with hers, and later, becomes his doppelganger with the help of a lot of makeup and a wig.

James begins his transformation with pupilentes dark and putting transparent tape to side of both eyes to to achieve the same look “stretched” Dua.

Like the singer, the beauty blogger opts for shades eye-catching, in this case green, lot of blush and highlighter. Mimics the iconic mane blonde with the roots in the natural tone of hair, Dua. At the end of the video, the own James is left in shock with the outcome and the truth is that we also. Veil and be the judge yourself.

Right? The beauty blogger is officially the doppelgänger ideal of the singer. So now you know Dua, if one day you need a double for a video the perfect candidate is James.