James Charles is transformed into Dua Lipa

They say that we all have a twin, lost and perhaps Dua Lipa you already found yours, although it is not as unknown as we think.

It all started in the past LOVEwhere Dua arrived on the red carpet with a dress fuchsia pink, worsted with a tail high horse and a makeup something noventero: too natural and with the eyebrows very populated. This unleashed the comments of netizens comparing it with the Youtuber James Charles.

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James Charles it is a guru of beauty that is famous for doing tutorials of makeup and their extravagant costumes for Coachellaand now it is famous for being the double Dua Lipa.

After the awards ceremony James launched a tweet where he said that he had confused himself with the singer and the internet could do more.

And now is where we stayed without speaking, because after seeing the transformation of the influencerhe also youtuber taught us the use of their skills as maquillista and left us ice cream with the result, as it is super similar to Dua.

What do you think?

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