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The memes we are cheering the quarantine, things as they are. We have all received countless videos and funny images that we draw a smile in these days of uncertainty and of being at home. It was rare that any superhero not to go into action in the fight against the coronavirus and the art of the meme has already put one of them in the first line of battle. An image of Jason Momoa sporting muscles in a scene from ‘Aquaman’ within the water is running like wildfire and has gone viral on the networks with a fun and necessary message for these days of quarantine to prevent infection: “Wash your hands as if you were washing to Jason Momoa”.

As we say, this meme has had a great impact and serves as a way to remember that an act as simple as washing hands is an important preventative measure around the COVID-19. Remember that you have to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds several times throughout the day and stay at home.

Twitter it has been one of the social networks where this meme of the ‘Aquaman’ of Jason Momoa has had more travel, fun comments from users who add even more grace to the meme, telling situations, or how you came to that image.

Knowing the sense of humor Jason Momoa as already demonstrated by criticism that emerged when we commented on the loss of your muscles after burning ‘Aquaman’ or with the announcement that he recorded for the Super Bowl we are sure that you will have already seen this meme and that would have made grace.

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