Jennifer Lopez lies face down with a mini bikini to sunbathe


April 26, 2020
(14:54 CET)

When you think that nothing can surprise appears Jennifer Lopez to re-revolutionize the social networks with two photos of him that are being viral during this quarantine.

In both appears the sun with a bikini tiny, leaving little to the imagination and showing that the past 50 years continues to have a physical rather than privileged.

And is that the singer of New York does not seem to be that you are laying nothing wrong with this rest after the last few 12 months that have been stressful due to the large number of professional commitments that has been in place.

Jennifer Lopez 2

An unforgettable year

It’s true that the stress that I was suffering Jennifer Lopez seems to have finished hit the stop. Now is the time to enjoy what happened in a 2019 that had a great success with the movie Hustlers and in addition was allowed the luxury of starting the 2020 doing the show the rest of the Super Bowl with Shakira.

Jennifer Lopez

This 2020 was going to be the of your wedding with Álex Rodríguezalthough it seems that everything will be delayed to 2021. Another year that is expected very strong for the singer in new york.

Back to the movies

In fact, it seems that Jennifer Lopez has caught the gustillo to the big screen again. In its first stage it is encasilló very quickly in the romantic comedies and few skills for the interpretation did the rest to get out of the industry.

However, after Hustlers seems he has taken his run-up with the products more serious and this will roll the film in which will give life to Griselda Blancoone of the women of the drug.