Jennifer Lopez sits down with the shortest skirt (and this happens that you see in the picture)


April 25, 2020
(17:06 CET)

Jennifer Lopez lives days of tranquillity, isolated from the agenda full of activities carried out each month. This has served to be more in touch with nature and spend family time. It is clear that for JLo boredom is really, really far to have a house with all the amenities and more.

And, though to the followers during this time it is impossible to see it on the stage, will always be the photo saving. One of the last snapshot that was floating in the network, the sample with a very short skirt.

The advantage of the singer, actress and entrepreneur us is that 50 years of age you can continue wearing the clothing that is. The body of the Diva of the Bronx endures all things.

Have once again jumped the hearts to see Jenny with an outfit that is quite short, leaving the view of her spectacular legs. The alluring look that it has while showing pensive gives a leap in quality-sensitive photography. That lucky guy is Alex Rodriguez you can see the charm in its maximum expression every day.

Power of Jennifer Lopez in quarantine

Some artists have taken the quarantine to the light, bearing routines food harmful that are already beginning to be felt in the physical, if Rosalia and Karol G. For JLo this does not happen, because their discipline of so many years has proved to be unbreakable.

In terms of the training, the versatile star has already commented at the time: “I Train three or four times a week for an hour. I don’t train as much as when I was younger. Now I’ve learned to do it smarter”.

But, on what interests us, the power of Jennifer Lopez is focused on seasonal produce, giving priority, as was expected, vegetables and fruits. Among their favorites are: pumpkin seeds, broccoli, lettuce, kale, and avocado. For the protein choice: salmon, nuts, and sea bass. All this leaving out of your life alcohol and caffeine.