JoJo is back (although it never was)


After years of drama with his label and touring independently, the singer of R&B, JoJo, spear “Lonely Hearts” belonging to “Good To Know”, their new studio album.

Joanna Levesque, better known as JoJo, broke in the music industry the year 2003 with only 13 years and an incredible vocal register. She could sing like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. That same year he signed with Blackground Records and the following your album debut was number four on the list Billboard 200.

But not all was success. After “Get Out” and “Too Little Too Late” -still heard today – his music was not being released. Your seal of that time, Blackground Records lost its distribution chain and began to sink, but the contract of the singer is kept in force. With only 18 years she battled in court to be able to get rid of. He said that while he could make music even though no economic benefit. She didn’t care: he released mixtapes and he toured with his own money.

Outside of dramas, in 2014 Lesvesque signed with Atlantic Records and re-released music in a commercial manner officially. In 2016, left the label and formed his own called Clover Musicin an alliance with Warner Records. And in December of 2018, regrabó and released their first two albums.

In a in a recent interview with Uproxx he confessed he felt pressured by Blackground Records to change its appearance by making it think that that’s why his music was on pause. Also he admitted to have felt the loss and abuse of substances believing in that would not return to the life that she wanted, and who had been committed to since small. Until one day he thought that he did not want to live in a reckless way and endanger her life, so she took control and worked hard.

In October, JoJo launched “Self-Sabotage”the first song of the new era according to expressed on your account Instagram. The past month of march launched “Man”the first single from their fourth studio album “Good To Know” with a premiere slated for the first of may of this year.

Listen to “Lonely Hearts”, the new JoJo here: