Justin Bieber cries in front of cameras by Billie Eilish What happened to him?

In earlier days it came to light by an interview with the singer Justin Bieber, where he speaks of the success he has had Billie Eilish and of the strong ties that bind you to the star of the moment.

In the interview it was noted that the interpreter of “Baby”, it gets sentimental at the moment to talk about the mental health problems that some artists have had to endure and overcome throughout their careers, so from time to time he cries by the singerwithout giving many explanations.

Apparently the husband of Hailey Baldwin, I can not hold back the tears when they asked him for it because he answered quickly and almost without thinking, that he didn’t want the 18-year-old will go through the same thing.

About Bieber gave no further statements, but it has been rumored that the reason for her tears sudden it was for the bad times, and the strong depressions by which has had to pass Justin in the years leading in the industry.

For its part, Billie Eilish said through his social networks that he could not believe the reason for the singer and thanks of all my heart for your good intentions.

Justin Bieber joins the “All in Challenge”.

Through its official account of Instagram, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez has invited both his followers to participate in his “All in Challenge” challenge in which it undertakes to act in the house of the future winner.

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All this taking into account the donations from the challenge of Justin Bieber made that iran intended to help people without resources affected by the pandemic, the COVID-19.

  • “Hello to you all. I have accepted the challenge All in Challenge. Involved so that you can travel to your town, visit your house and sing something for you, as many are asking me, One less lonely girl, and maybe some others. Help us to feed the hungry during these challenging times. Also Kanye West, Chris Brown and Chris Pratt, I challenge you to join the challenge,” wrote Bieber on his account.

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