Kate Beckinsale reveals the trick behind your legs of a heart attack


The process to prepare for a red carpet can last for hours, especially, in the case of women, and is not limited to only the face or the hair.

The Kardashian have been among the first to reveal all your tricks to look the best possible appearance in front of cameras, ranging from the use of duct tape to enhance their attributes to put on underwear shaping with fillers, and even have become a business. Kimthe most famous of the three sisters, has been marketed, for example, a makeup base designed to be used in the body as part of your line of cosmetics.

Accordingly, each time more and more stars are encouraged to share on social networks, the intense ritual to follow in the hours immediately preceding his public appearances, even though at times involving be displayed in contexts something ridiculous.

New trick…

The actress Kate Beckinsalefor example, published in Instagram a video of yours acicalándose with the help of a team of two people to attend the gala of the Critics’ Choice Awards last Sunday.

She herself recognized that her makeup artist is so “thorough”, which does not overlook even a single inch of skin left uncovered with the outfit that you choose for each occasion, and in the recording in question is applying makeup in the legs, with special emphasis on the posterior face of the thighs, while the performer displays a flexibility enviable to make the task as easy as possible.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images