Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, could not reach the altar after problems in their relationship


The couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently announced their pregnancy, something that pleased millions of people like your next wedding, but it could all change due to certain problems that have arisen in your relationship.

A few weeks ago, Katy announced that it was expecting your first baby together with her partner Orlando Bloom.

Since I saw them very much in love and united for this great event in their lives, however it seems that not everything is the color of roses, since there have been problems inside your relationship.

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The relationship between the two artists has been somewhat complicated from the beginning because when they started in the 2016 ended up after a year and returned just a few weeks.

As you will recall, in the month of February of last year, Orlando will proposed marriage the singer and she said yes.

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Unfortunately the wedding that was to be conducted in mid of this year had to postponed due to the sanitary contingency that is currently happening.

The pregnancy apart from being a great news it has been something that has made you change your relationship between them because, according to Us Weeklyseveral sources that are close to the couple claim that they have had many problems since they are expecting a child.

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The relationship of Katy and Orlando has changed since I got pregnant. Both are having some ups and downs in this time. Katy is dealing with the nerves of being a mother for the first time and Orlando are stressed by having a baby at this time in their lives,” confessed the person interviewed.

Despite the problems, have been assured that these problems are normalsince that is something common between them since they started their relationship.

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Katy on several occasions revealed that they have many roces due to their personalities that are completely different but it is something that separates them and at the same time binds them together.

It seems that the confinement has not arrived in the right time to the lives of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, so it only remains to hope that no problems arise higher and be able to solve their problems before the birth of his little daughter.