Katy Perry shares the secret of success in your relationship with Orlando Bloom (and that works for all couples)


If there is someone to whom we should listen on the topic of couples and love, it is definitely Katy Perry. Currently, the singer is living the best stage love of his life, now that things are better than ever with Orlando Bloom… and with the news that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have a baby, things could not be better!

Now, what is the secret of your success? We know that a loving relationship in the middle of the show can be very difficult (especially for being all the time in the public eye), but Katy Perry he says that it is easier than you might think… and it’s just, you both always give a bit of personal spacewithout resentments or doubts.

“One thing that is going very well in my current relationship –yes, I made sure the ring– but I’ve seen that is actually useful to give yourself a little space,” he said Katy Perry, in the show ‘American Idol’ where she is a judge, and talked with a few contestants who are a couple. “In this competition, it’s great to have understanding, be accompanied, work in a team and support each other. But this time it’s to fulfill their personal dreams. Only they know their priorities now. Because I think that the two of you suffered a little bit with what I showed you. We know that both are best, okay? ” is what he said to the contestants.