Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande recorded a song together: ‘Rain On Me’


  • Lady Gaga it will launch a song next to Ariana Grande: ‘Rain On Me’.
  • The last video clip of the artist could well be a chapter of the Power Rangers

    The crisis of the coronavirus has stopped dry almost all musical projects that were scheduled for 2020 —except the Dua Lipa, who launched his album ‘Future Nostalgia’ during the quarantine—. So artists such as Rosalia, that he had in mind to publish a theme disco craze this month, Sam Smith, The Pretenders, or Alicia Keys have seen how this health crisis resulted in a halt locked in the house. This has also been the case of Lady Gagathat should have released their sixth studio album, ‘Chromatica’, on the 10th of April, but that also is just delaying until a release date is still uncertain. However, the machinery of production and distribution of the disk was already activated before the delay, so it was almost inevitable that not filtraran details and news that the artist wishes to keep secret to keep the ‘hype’ until the last moment.

    So, this Wednesday the american store Target published by mistake on its website the front and back cover of the album, revealing the long-awaited list of songs that will make up the album. In total will be 16 tracks that, surprise! Will include duets more than eye-catching: one with Elton John, a personal friend of the performer, the other with band Korean BLACKPINK and a collaboration with Ariana Grande in ‘Rain On Me’. And of course, this latest incursion has broken the internet into a thousand pieces.

    Fans of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande celebrate with these memes collaboration

    Fans of both artists, so-called Little Monsters of Gaga and Arianators the Great, has joined in a symbiosis carpetera that has come to take over the hashtags world. It is not for less, can you imagine how will this hit? His followers have already made an idea and well expressed.

    This has shared a video of Beyoncé that says: “Everything has been worth it. Sorry, it gives me a lot of shame, but I’m very lucky to be part of this. It is probably the happiest day of my life”.

    Others complained that the typography that presented itself to the songs on the disk was somewhat unreadable. And the truth is that zero lies detected.