Lady Gaga makes history with his concert in solidarity with the one who has saved many lives


‘One World: Together At Home Special’ is the name of the macro-concert Lady Gaga and the World Health Organization organized to raise funds in benefit of the fight against the coronavirus. An event with which, great artists were able to pay tribute to those affected by this pandemic, giving encouragement to millions of people for a moment.

With the spirit of the ‘Live Aid’ in 1985, more than a hundred well-known personalities of culture and music, as well as the policy merged under the same motto, One World: Together in the home. And with the same goal, to thank the health professionals and to leave a thread of hope to the followers of the concert virtual.

With the performances of the own Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder or Rolling Stones, it got more than 50 million dollars to the health crisis of the Coronavirus in an event spread through social networks for up to eight hours. Money responsibility especially large companies and global leaders at the request of the organizers, who indicated to the viewers that keep their portfolios.

Cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, New York or Buenos Aires were very present during the concert with the reproduction of images of their streets, and the mood of the event was evident especially in the action of Taylor Swift. The singer, who just canceled his european tour, she performed ‘Soon Your’ll Get Better’ dedicated to her mother, who has cancer, but that took totally sense in this situation.

This initiative was a great success which brought together figures such as Michelle Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates and Laura Bush, in addition to all the aforementioned artists, and that was a breath of positivity, which the same Lady Gaga is instructed to retransmit. It showed up excited for the day, with the illusion that appeared before you start the event, and videos of them dancing during the performances.