Living Room Concert for America: The concert that gave Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Sam Smith from his home – Duna 89.7


If something good has left the pandemic of coronavirus, is the solidarity that has been shown on the part of humanity. A lot of culture has been released for people all over the world can enjoy, and in addition, we have generated initiatives to raise money to fight against the Covid-19. Samples of this have been seen in the sport and yesterday was the time of the music.

Living Room Concert for America it was an initiative of singer Elton John, who brought together various artists to raise funds and so help the most disadvantaged through the NGO Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation, which delivered food to the most vulnerable families in the united States.

So it was as Alicia, Keys, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey and Sam Smith, among many others, sang from their homes in a joint concert and a virtual, broadcasted by FOX and the radio station iHeartRadio.

“I’ve had to put myself in quarantine in the only house in which I don’t have a piano” was the explanation from Elton John to not be part of the concert and only intervening between one presentation and another.

Here part of some of the presentations:

Mariah Carey

He performed “Always Be My Baby”, the theme of 1996 and that led him to be nominated to the Grammy awards that same year. The singer also accompanied virtually of their choristers and one of his musicians.

Alicia Keys

She performed in front of the piano one of his last songs, “the Underdog”. The singer also thanked all of those who are “risking their lives” day-to-day because of the Covid-19.

Sam Smith

The singer-songwriter sang “How Do You Sleep” completely a cappella, following the rhythm only with the snap of his fingers.

Backstreet Boys

The quintet was recorded each one in your house performing the song “I Want It That Way”. Even Kevin showed alongside their children playing drums and singing along to it.