Lizzo claim to TikTok to delete your videos in bathing suit


The american singer Lizzo it has made listening to because a social network very famous has deleted some of their videos.

Lizzo it is characterized by a porta voice of the acceptance your bodyno matter the size, the details or the flaws that you have, this is the great secret of his success, because it sends a message of self-love.

The problem arose when the singer of a very particular way that I declare the platform of videos TikTok had deleted some of their clips where it is shown in swimsuitto the singer of ‘Juice’ loves to spend his free time in the pool or vacationing in sunny locations.

In replytoday , the singer has taken the same social network and has sent a message very direct, with only the humor that Lizzo known to have, on the post that listening to an audio acapella of her friend Ariana Grande, where he sings ‘I Know’ and in the video you can read:

TikTok follows down my videos in swimsuit, but not others videos other girls in swimsuit, I wonder why? TikTok, we need to talk’

The fans showed him support with messages in condemning the acts of TikTok, his way of proceeding, and as they had not done to know the reason to the singer because it erased their videos, making a friendly call to inclusion, Lizzo enjoys a fanbase that always defends.

See the video:

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