Lizzo complains of Tik Tok by deleting their videos in bathing suit | Music | Entertainment


Lizzo is a artist shamelessly nude. As also of large size, of african descent, and that, in addition, is conquering the industry of pop with a simple point to empowerment as Good As Hell and Truth Hurts, topic which was awarded at the last ceremony of the awards Grammys as Best Single Pop.

And as the woman is shameless that is, Lizzo, has decided to make public their displeasure with the company ByteDance, developer of the app and social network of videos Tik Tok, to remove their videos. Action, which the singer referred to as “gordofóbica”.

Turning to the platform to ask about the removal of their publications in underwear, Lizzo said:“TikTok keeps taking my videos I’m wearing bathing suits, but allows other videos with girls in the same swimming trunks I wonder why?”. “TikTok … we need to talk “, let him read the description of a video shared on the social network.

Hours later, TikTok issued a clarification, explaining that the deleted videos were due to “the moderator mistook your inner spanx underwear in a video Lizzo rose to the top and, therefore, violated the policy of the platform on ‘find sex’. The videos have been restored since then,” he said.

The body of the artist of 31 years has been escrutinado publicly, more in social networks, due to the way in which you choose to dress (or undress) to the view of all. A clear example is when, in a game of the los Angeles Lakers late last year, wore a pair of pants cuts that could see their buttocks.

Such a decision cost him thousands of negative reviews, and also a large amount of support on the part of those who see their outfits as the standardization of the trust body for a woman of her stature. (I)