Lizzo, the rapper of the moment that it heralds a message of acceptance


‘Cuz I Love You’ it is the third disk of Lizzo, in whose cover appears completely naked, he saw the light in may and it has been his letter of presentation to the public at large.

The video clip of the topic ‘Truth Hurts’ now with over two hundred million views on Youtube and is a phenomenon on the internet. The artist has been characterized by converting their personal process of acceptance and self-confidence on the part of his career, being an icon of the movement “body positive” (body positive).

“I know that my mere existence is a way of activism, especially for the community that struggle for the conception of a body positive (…) and I am proud. But I’m not an example for anything, I just do music to feel better and if I can help change the world, phenomenal”, ensures.

On the stage, Lizzo collates the “bitch” (‘bitch’) of their songs, twerking (dirty dancing) and passages in which plays the flute, an instrument that dominates, and studied at the conservatory.

We have been able to see it on more than one occasion in their social networks, how they are shown naked or half naked, showing the love you feel for your body. “I love to see the shapes generated by my body when I move”, he explained in an interview with the actress from ‘The Good Place’, Jameela Jamil in the project ‘I weigh’.

“When the more secure I am is on the stage, but it is also where the more vulnerable I am. If something goes wrong, I start to drop the pants, I feel like the person world’s ugliest”, noted.

His last performance in the BET Awards got a lift to the entire audience including the very Rihanna. There is No doubt that your strong message of overcoming and acceptance has conquered half the world, getting a faithful group of fans that accompany it where it goes.