Love and violence, the story between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


Their love story began in the year 2012 during the filming of a movie, from the moment they met they fell in love.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard they began a romance that transcended the big screen and culminated in marriage in 2015.

The actors were married in a dream wedding on the private island of Depp in The Bahamas.

However, the happiness only lasted a year and a half, then surprisingly announced their separation.

From there everything turned into a war of statements, presentation of evidence and allegations of domestic violence by both parties.

Was Amber Heard the first accused Johnny Depp of having physically assaulted, they claimed that he was an alcoholic and beat her many times, causing bruising.

The actress even posted images where you can see the traces of the alleged beatings received.

Heard presented these photographs before a judge to enforce a compensation and demanded a support on the part of the actor despite the fact they had no children.

When you have not signed a prenuptial agreement, half of the fortune of Johnny Depp, around $ 400 million, would be for her.

In the wake of this scandal, the actor lost money and several jobs, for example, was removed from the tape “Pirates of the Caribbean” and his role of Jack Sparrow.

The actor appealed this decision, and also showed in which he accused his former wife of assault.

Johnny Depp contrademandó and said that the person who assaulted them was his ex-wife, also showing pictures of his finger fractured.

After the announcement of the divorce, Amber Heard appeared publicly with blows to the face and said the actor threw the phone and took it in the neck.

Requested a temporary restraining order for domestic violence, which was granted.

However, an agent for the police who attended to his call to 911 said that when he went to his house, found no signs of violence.

From that moment things changed and the credibility of the actress began to break down, due to several inconsistencies in their statements.

Ex-partners of Johnny Depp came to their defense with various publications claimed that the actor had never been violent.

The actress Vanessa Paradis, for example, published a letter in the media, which reads as follows: “I Believe with all my heart that these allegations are outrageous. Nothing to reflect the man who lived 14 wonderful years.”

Another of his former partners, Lori Anne Allison, described Johnny Depp as an excellent man.

Also one of their daughters, Her daughter Lili-Rose Depp, published in their social networks a picture of both with the message: “My dad is the person most sweet and loving that I know. He has been a wonderful father to my brother and me, and everyone who meets him says the same thing”.

After a war of statements came to the divorce. Johnny Depp had to pay around $ 7 million dollars to Amber Heard, she said that is not a woman interested and that that money would be donated to charity.

But the bomb exploded when last February came to light a few audios that date back to the 2015 that desenmascaraba to the actress, because in reality it was she who assaulted them to the actor.

In one of these recordings, part of one of the sessions of the couple that the marriage took at that time, the actress talks about a fight he had had last night. “I regret not having given it a good slap in the face, but you hit it,” he says.

In another point also is heard Heard to say: “you’re fat and old”, “you’re useless”, “you behave like a baby”, “don’t fight…”, “I can not promise you that you will not return to physically attack”, “don’t hurt my back, it was just a beat”, is heard to say to Amber.

In the wake of these revelations, his fans created the hashtag #JusticiaParaJohnnyDepp with the aim of clearing the name of the famous actor, as he lost several jobs and was for a long time accused of mentroso and violent.

Also, many of the outraged people on Twitter and Facebook began to conduct campaigns in which we ask to Warner Bros. remove Amber of the movies Aquaman, where she played Mera, one of the protagonists of the story.

In other ask the beauty brand Loreal who do not follow recruiting as the image of the company. Both petitions already had almost 150 thousand signatures.

Despite all this, some have noted that the audio does not exculpan Deep of her allegations of domestic violence, and only prove that she also beat her.

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