Maddox returns home with Angelina Jolie and their brothers


Since you can breathe peacefully. Since a few days ago Angelina Jolie he recovered the calm thanks to their son Maddox, 18 years old, has returned home. The eldest son of the actress and Brad Pitt I was studying in the Yonsei University, which is located in Seoul (South Korea), however, due to the crisis of the coronavirus have been suspended all the courses. For this reason, and to avoid running more risks, he decided to pack up and set sail to the united States. Since his arrival, has remained isolated in their family home in Los Angeles with his mother and his brothers: Pax, who already has 16 years old, Zaharaof 15, Shilohof 13, and the twins Knox and Vivienne11.

Maddox returns home with Angelina Jolie and their brothersVIEW GALLERY

“The children are at home with Angelina, but have continued watching Brad and maintained regular visits,” said a source close to the family portal E! News. “Still doing homework, practice languages, play instruments, have fun with board games, help in the kitchen…“says the aforementioned source, adding that: “They love spending time as a family.” In your case, Maddox is taking advantage of these days of confinement to catch up and progress with their studies of Korean and Russian, in addition to collaborating in the tasks of the home as her five brothers.

Angelina, who has been in a sinvivir until he has gotten his son back home, is also living with a lot of anguish and concern for the health crisis we’re facing. By this, she wanted to contribute their grain of sand by donating a milllón of dollars (910.000 euros) to the organization No Kid Hungry, in charge of distributing food and aid for the most needy children around the world.

Maddox returns home with Angelina Jolie and their brothersVIEW GALLERY

Starting this week, more than a thousand million children not going to school all over the world due to closures related to the coronaviruses. Many depend on the care and nutrition they receive during the school hours. This includes almost 22 million children, only in the united States. No Kid Hungry we want to reach as many children as possible,” said Angelina in a statement. Jolie, world-renowned for her great humanitarian work, has also made a donation to the Refugee Agency of the UN by the COVID-19 and will send support to the schools that they fund in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia.

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