Marie Claire | So on goes Angelina Jolie quarantine with their children

As thousands and thousands of people in the world, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have had to adapt to the confinement and next to them, their children. The actors announced almost five years ago their separation, which could not be a simple farewell with six children in common. However, the toctriz decided to settle in the same country and close to your ex that both of you may have an access similar to the small.

In order to comply with correctly the measures of confinement, the former spouse has had to settle in homes that are practically next door, so that when you scroll to bring their children both do not have difficulties and can carry out the hours of the custody. Two years ago that this guardianship principal belongs to Angelina by full and by agreement of both parties, but also Brad has the right to hours of visits of their children. Now the pandemic has made that the couple is forced to divide the time with the kids more than ever, these being transported by drivers from house to house.

Who else has affected this decision has been the children. Despite being pretty independent and being accustomed to travelling the length and breadth of the globe, Angelina revealed that “The Covid-19 has separated the children of his friends, of his traditional education and his freedom of movement”. And that is despite the fact that young people receive education from home, except for Maddox, who is studying in the university, all of whom go out frequently to enjoy walks next to her mother.

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It is precisely the greater who more decision-making ability has with respect to this issue. Maddox met last August 18, so you can perform these frequent visits with his father. However, everything points to that not be the case, as both have not had much contact since I moved last year to South Korea to study biotechnology. Today the young man waiting at his residence along with the rest of the family until he can return to classes.

The close relationship that exists between the six brothers, is something that Angelina he has not hesitated to boast when he has been able to. After that her eldest daughter, Zahara, and the small Vivienne, had some health issues, his brothers were always beside them giving them all your support, just like Pitt.

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