Marvel wants Tom Holland is a part of a new series of Disney+

It is not yet clear how much longer it will remain Peter Parker in the MCU, so Marvel wants to make the most of, the time that Spidey can stay in your universe, and is already preparing new projects that involve the spider, so Spider-Man could appear in the series ‘Ironheart’.

Although, we all know that at some point Spidey will have to return to the universe of Sony, since this company owns their rights, there may be a hope that Spider-Man is able to move between both universes, as revealed by the trailer of ‘Morbius’, but while this is happening, Marvel has begun to move his pieces.

According to sources of the portal, We Got This Covered, Marvel wants Spider-Man to have a relevant role in the series that you already prepare on Ironheart, same that would come to the platform Disney+ and that may contain a cameo from Tony Stark, what input would put it as one of the productions most anticipated of the MCU.

The only impediment to that Spider-Man is part of the series is that Marvel would have to ask permission to Sony to use the character in Ironheart, as the agreement that are only provided for the appearance of Spidey in the movies and not in television programs, however, the relationship between the two studies seems to be better than ever, so that Peter Parker could be part of the series.

From a long time ago, Marvel revealed plans to produce a series on Ironheart, character will serve as a replacement for Iron Man, since Riri Williams will become the heir of Tony Stark, assuming his role as a superhero, something that Robert Downey Jr. sees with good eyes, so it does not rule out that appear in some flashback or, lend your voice to the AI of the suit of Ironheart.

It is as well as, Spider-Man could appear in the series ‘Ironheart’, what without any doubt would be a great boost to the program, since Spidey is one of the characters that the more popularity you have within the MCU.

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