Mia Khalifa in a dress is transparent shows its lingerie red below


The famous ex-actress of films for adults, Mia Khalifa, used to be sharing photos daring and mischievous, tcon the purpose of consenting to their fans, however this occasion he ascended one that has power to whoever follows on Twitter.

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This is a photograph that appears with a dress transparent, with a will that showed that is what is underneath.

In the picture we see the model posing in a cute way, holding a cup in hand and with an elegant porte showed the lingerie red that she wore underneath, thus being one of his best photos and hottest.

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In the publication of Mine invites his followers a little wine, as it is one of the favorite drinks of the young woman, who enjoys her new life, removal of the scenes for the adults, something that is not strange, then, any time assured that it was very poorly rewarded.

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The picture liked it so much that was shared, liked and commented on by those who could see, as could not upload it to Instagram by the level of censorship, he posted it on Twitter, a platform, a both more free and uncensored.

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Mine don’t want to remember their old times, however, its millions of fans don’t want to forget it, and becomes crazy with the photos that you upload to their social networks, because you miss quite a bit.

A short time ago Mine revealed that she enjoys to walk around the house in rags minor, some sets of lingerie and uncovered outfits, so you have to keep the heating at 28°C, so you want to ride in this sassy way without cold.

After his highly successful career but so short, he dedicated himself to be a commentator for sports which he always liked, also entered the world of gastronomy and is also an entrepreneur who took advantage of its fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.