Niall Horan admits that his ex-girlfriend inspired his album ‘Heartbreak Weather’


The irish singer Niall Horan had a participation in The Rebecca Judd Show, in addition to talking about his new album and the other members of the boyband that made him an international star music, Niall also spoke about the story behind their songs.

The singer he was questioned about the link of these musical pieces with his ex-girlfriend, the singer Hailee Steinfeld, to do this, Niall said that definitely the person in which they are inspired these songs you know that are on ithowever, he thinks that it is not something that the incomodaría.

This is because, from their perspective, their album ‘Heartbreak Weather’, raises different stages of a relationship and different points of viewso, when you listen to the lyrics of their songs, it is easy to understand all of those situations without taking a position for or against any of the involved.

Or the fans Hailee or Niall have raised any kind of discomfort with the possibility that the hitorias portrayed in the most recent album of Niall is linked with the relationship that the two stars remained above, so that, just as Horan what has externado, the inspiration that gave him the company of Hailee has been handled in a correct way through his music.

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