“No one needs all the cans of soup from the store”


Fortunately, many celebrities are doing their quarantine a way to bring awareness to their followers that they must keep the preventive measures against the pandemic coronavirus. Miley Cyrus what is doing with her sense of humour is so particular and it has decided to resurrect Hannah Montanathe Disney character that gave him fame. However, it is being used to launch messages very important about empathy and common sense in these times where many of them dominate the panic.

Miley Cyrus dominates the social networks as you want and know that everything that you post has a lot of scope. On his second day of quarantine, the artist posted a clip from a chapter of Hannah Montana in which she was wearing a mask:

It is a sequence of comic in that we see it with the mouth and nose hole. When you enter the bathroom you will fall over a set of towels and bathrobes that get hysterical. Hannah Montana you get rid of them and wash your face in a hurry. But when it is going to dry… surprise! The underpants of his father.

Miley Cyrus posted a few photos of another scene of Hannah Montana in which advocates for the social distance under the hashtag #HannahSiempreSabeLoMejor. A basic and indispensable these times to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The third release of Miley Cyrus is another video in which the friends of Hannah Montana carry a lot of packages own. In the photo caption, the singer advocates for the respect, compassion and humanity with a message powerful:

“No one needs all the cans of soup from the store. The more acaparemos, more expensive and scarce will be the goods, leaving many without the basics. This is a great time to practice restraint. It is difficult to make intelligent decisions as we enter into a panic, but think twice before you let yourselves be carried away by the fear and be inconsiderate. There is enough to go through if we take care of each other. This is a beautiful moment for leadership”.

And is that many people have panicked and are destroying the stock in the supermarkets, taking tens of units of the same product and leaving those that come behind, usually older people, no nothing.

Finally, Miley Cyrus shared a clip of a scene in which Lilly has been left clean each of the corners of the apartment of Hannah Montana. To give you a note of humor to the situation, the artist wrote the hashtag “Hannah Montana predicted the coronavirus” with reference to the hygienic measures which we have all taken to fight the spread of the virus.