Of ‘Up in the Air’ to ‘Giving’ note: The best papers of Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick has proven to be one of the actresses most versatile of his generation. In his filmography there are papers of the most diverse, from blockbusters dark as the saga ‘Twilight’ to music with a lot of rhythm as ‘Into the Woods’ or the trilogy ‘Giving the note’ or movies prestige as ‘Up in the Air’ or ’50/50′.

Anna Kendrick

The actress was a precocious talent, debuted with only 12 years on Broadway with the musical ‘High Society’his interpretation earned him an award Theatre World and two award nominations Drama Desk Awards and the Tony. In 2003, having just turned 18, Kendrick made his debut in the Opera of New York with the musical ‘A Little Night Music’ by Stephen Sondheim.

An actress multifaceted

With these beginnings, it is no wonder that Anna Kendrick started strong when he jumped into the film. In 2003 he participated in the movie musical ‘Camp’, for which she was nominated for an Independent Spirit award to the best interpretation of revelation. In 2008, the actress achieved the popularity expected when it was Jessica Stanley in the saga ‘Twilight’ in 2009 it was nominated for an Oscar for his participation in ‘Up in the Air’.

The best papers of Anna Kendrick

1 Fritzi Wagner in ‘Camp’ (2003)

Anna Kendrick was Fritzi Wagner, a young, somewhat shy and quiet that arrives at Camp Ovationa music camp. Although initially somewhat reserved and tries to be a friend of the popular Jill Simmons (Alana Allen), she then brings out its true character when it is humiliated by the cruel Jill. His performance in ‘Camp’ earned the actress a nomination for the Spirit to the best actor revelation. The tape, moreover, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance film Festival.

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2 Ginny Ryerson in ‘Rocket Science’ (2007)

Five years after his film debut, Anna Kendrick returned to highlight with a role in an independent film. In ‘Rocket Science’, the actress was Ginny Ryerson, a student ambitious you want to succeed in the contests of eloquence and oratory and that you used the young shy and a stutterer Hal Hefner (Reece Thompson) to keep climbing in his promising career. Role complex and ambiguous which led to another nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards. Directorial debut of Jeffrey Blitz, the film won the prize for best direction at the Sundance film Festival.

Anna Kendrick in eCartelera

3 Jessica Stanley in the saga ‘Twilight’ (2008 – 2011)

Although her role as Jessica Stanley, a friend of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in the institute in the saga ‘Twilight’ was lower, Anna Kendrick gained popularity enough so that his name will begin to be heard in later motion picture titles. The phenomenon show his head, years later I would have completely thanks to the trilogy of ‘Giving a note’.

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4 Natalie Keener in ‘Up in the Air’

And got that great role of prestige, Anna Kendrick was Natalie Keener, an ambitious talented young man who proposes to the company’s human resources, and working Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), a new system of layoffs by video conferencing, thus putting at risk the employment of Ryan, you will see how difficult it is to take someone from a company.

Directed and co-written by Jason Reitman (is considered one of his best films), the film was nominated six academy awards: best feature film, best direction, best screenplay-adapted, best supporting actor and two nominations for best supporting actress, one of them, Anna Kendrick, his first (and only so far) bid for a golden statuette.

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5 Katherine McKay in ’50/50′ (2011)

Anna Kendrick continued to be involved in films of prestige as ’50/50′, in which he plays a young and inexperienced psychologist you just develop a relationship with the protagonist of the film, Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who has a malignant tumor that is in his spine. His charisma fuels the spirits of the young man, who knows his chance of beating the tumor is 50%.

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6 Janet Taylor in ‘Without truce’ (2012)

The actress had a supporting role in the film action ‘Without truce’, in which she played Janet Taylor, the wife of Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal), us marine retired and works as a police officer in the department of Los Angeles. Accompanied by his best friend, which he considered a brother, Miguel Zavala (Michael Peña), both ends up in trouble when, in a raid, collide with a band associated with the Sinaloa Cartel.

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7 Grant Mitchell in the series ‘Giving the note’ (2012 – 2017)

Anna Kendrick returned to connect with the audience with the trilogy ‘Giving the note’. The actress was Grant Mitchell, a student at the University of Barden, Georgia, and leader of the Bellas, the a cappella group, female with the killing in three installments of the franchise. ‘Giving the note’ was a real sleeper, which ended up conquering the box office all over the world and led to two more deliveriesbecoming a real saga film in which the actress blew vocal talent, accompanied by a strong message of female empowerment.

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8 Courtney Babcock in ‘The amazing world of Norman’ (2012)

9 Jill in ‘Colleagues of cups’ (2013)

10 Cinderella in ‘Into the Woods’ (2014)

11 Princess Poppy in the series ‘Trolls’ (2016 – 2020)

The actress returned to animation with ‘Trolls’, in which she played the smiling princess Poppywho will come to the rescue of their friends when the evil Chef kidnaps to cook them and give them to the king Gritsel, leader of the Bergens, a few miserable creatures that are the opposite of the Trolls.

The film was a moderate success in box office for DreamWorks (not that they had a good time, financial), highlighting a lot of its main theme, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’, sung by Justin Timberlake (who did the voice of the grumpy Ramon), which was a hit in the summer of 2016, and that he was candidate to the Oscar for best original song. Universal confirmed that there will be a sequel in 2020 and that Kendrick and Timberlake will return to resume their roles.

Anna Kendrick in eCartelera

12 Stephanie Smothers in ‘A small favor’ (2018)

Converted as an actress consecrated, Anna Kendrick can boast a versatility that few actors of his generation have had. Therefore, it is time to make a review of his best roles in the film.