One of lime and another of sand! Shakira showed proud of his diploma, but… it’s A stand-up comedian attacked!


Each who takes advantage of your free time as you can, but there is no doubt that Shakira spent his days of confinement to learn and develop professionally.

The renowned singer is past the end of their quarantine with his family, and through social networks, he shares tender photo, in which her fans will quickly get all your affection.

Everyone is aware of the talent that has the born in gullieshowever, in the last few hours came to light a facet that is completely unknown.

Through a publication in his profile of Instagram, the wife of Pique uploaded a snapshot which sees her posing happily next to an academic title.

Apparently the famous conducted an online course of philosophy at the university of Pennsylvania, many left him their messages of congratulations, but whoever does not have mercy and sneered at, she was the comedian Eugenio Derbez.

The actor used his networks to make a joke about the achievement obtained by the artist of 43 yearsthe native of Mexico spoke about how he had been the life of women’s soccerfor this job a dangerous game of words, something that is very characteristic of him.

Until the time, Shakira did not want to make any observation with regard to the controversial statements that had the recognized artist for her.