Pepsico joins forces with Anna Kendrick and Cardi B for its Christmas campaign


  • The campaign of Pepsi was designed with the help of VaynerMedia

  • For its part, the business of Frito-Lay was developed by their creative team, internal

  • Both announcements are expected to be transmitted in both TV and digital channels

Virtually all companies are ready for Christmas. This means not only that you already have a list of their marketing strategy for the holidays. Implies, naturally, that has already launched their respective campaign gifts. KFC launched a few days ago a series of great ads with traditional animation to promote their discounts. For its part, John Lewis he decided to return a dragon in the protagonist of the activation 2019. They are also Loewe, WWF and Ikea.

It is not uncommon for firms to launch their Christmas campaign as “early” in the year. In accordance with Creative Pod, some customers are performing searches December from as early as September. But according to The Guardiansome authorities believe that two months before the holidays is still too early to trade decembrinos. Other agents, such as Bubble, argue that the right time is in full November.

Sometimes it would seem that there is a right answer to when to launch a Christmas campaign. However, it is always interesting to see how the brands fight fiercely to capture the attention of consumers. Some try to launch your campaign before anyone else, to take over the conversation from the start. Other leave full of clichés, to differentiate. Some brands are betting strong the power of the stars.

A Christmas campaign for Pepsico

During the last few days, one of the companies refresqueras more important in the world released two videos for their most important brands. The first campaign, for Pepsi, it is a video that pokes fun directly from Coca-Cola. In it, Cardi-B announces a promotion in which users can participate in a Christmas raffle to earn money. The users, instead of keeping the prize, they should give it away immediately to friends, family or an organization.

Also Frito-Lay, owned by Pepsico, launched recently its Christmas campaign. In it the protagonist is Anna Kendrick. Throughout the video, you see the woman singing a piece that make a mockery of other advertising initiatives that used music gifts to build connection with the audience. Despite the fact that the piece has the same rhythm and style of other works, most cliché, which interprets the actress made reference to the chips of the company and other activities.

Breaking expectations

This is not the first time a brand launches a campaign that uses the same clichés of the season to make the trade more of their conventional rivals. For the season of Halloween, Geico used some of the classic elements of horror to create an advertisement comic at the end of September. The organization Sandy Hook Promise he also took the fever’s back-to-school to create a great video about the shootings in the united States.

The campaign of Pepsico for Christmas is half way between breaking clichés and stick to them. On the one hand, the fun of the classic elements of the holidays to be grateful for. Not only it allows to create a fairly new concept that also allows you to make a mockery of their rivals. In addition, it creates a narrative attractive to consolidate the image of the company as a rival worthy of the other companies that still cling to the top of mind of consumers.

On the other hand, your use of Cardi B and Anna Kendrick is quite limited, even cliché. There is No denying that the personality of both women is clearly stated in each campaign. However, their presence is not sufficiently clear to enable the consumer to perceive that these artists, and not others, were needed to make this commercial. It is not a bad implementation, but it does fall short in a way that takes advantage of your casting stellar.