Priyanka Chopra has a particular diet to stay in shape


Few are the fortunate who can eat all they want without gaining weight. However, we found one of those exceptions that enjoys that “natural gift“: Priyanka Chopra who looks ten without killing yourself in the gym, or carry a strict diet. But, the wife of Nick Jonas also has its method of that this premise is met, what is it?

The famous actress of Bollywood he confesses that it’s all about achieving a balance. During an interview to Womens Health he explained that he likes to eat, but also to stay in shape. In your case, just usually eating healthy foods during the week. Yes, weekends are pleased to their ‘cravings’ cakes, chocolates, or tandoori.

Priyanka Chopra and a friend eat donuts©@priyankachopra
Priyanka Chopra usually eat healthy during the week, but on weekends meets his ‘cravings’

Has always had a metabolism privileged, but when it has come to notice that your pants feel tighter than usual, start to eat more salads, protein and soup, he told Elle US. Your daily diet giving priority to vegetables, fruits, avoid fats and drink plenty of liquids: “Consumption lots of juice and water during the day. In fact, water is necessary for all, I drink at least 10 glasses a day. Often exaggerate with this, but it makes wonders with your skin,” he confessed The Times of India.

But what more makes the interpreter of Quantico to be in shape? “People always said that you should listen to your body. But I don’t listen to my body, my body listens to me. I can’t afford to be sick or low energy. It is the mind that dominates matter,” says the actress.

Priyanka Chopra and her husband, Nick Jonas©GettyImages
Priyanka Chopra is happily married with the singer Nick Jonas

While not a fan of gyms, yes that does exercise to keep fit instead of doing this to lose weight. To achieve and sustain a physical condition that allows you to keep a good muscle toneuses routines that last approximately an hour and a your work out includes cardio -like treadmill sprints -, classes spinning and yoga, which, as he explains, help him to “relax and recharge”.

If you want to just stay in your weight this ‘method’ can work for you: take care of what you eat during the week and give it to your tastes during the day of rest. According to the specialists of the world fitnessmust be do exercises at least one hour, three times a week. The ideal is five days.

Priyanka Chopra at the gym©@abcquantico
Although it is not a fan of the sport, Priyanka Chopra exercise to keep your figure

Remember that a healthy life is more simple when it becomes a habit. As well as a day, your body asks you to follow sleeping and eating sweets, you will demand to get up to run and eat fruits and vegetables. What is important is the balance.