Rihanna makes million dollar donation to confront violence against women


The increase of the violence against women it has become a big problem during the confinement coronavirusfor that, Rihannanext to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, have joined forces to help victims who live in Los Angeles, united States.

The Foundation Clara Lionel announced that the duo is co-funding a grant of $ 4.2 million for the Fund from the Mayor to The Angels, “to address an increase in domestic violence” in the city in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus.

The Organization of United Nations (UN) had already warned that governments should implement measures to improve the capacity of response in front of the flag that was on the rise with cases of women being assaulted.

“Make the prevention of violence against women a key part of its national response to the Covid-19”, asked Antonio Guterres, president of the UN.

“For many women and girls, the threat persists, where they should be safest: in their own homes,” he said.

Rihanna showed its concern for the situation of the coronavirus

Various non-governmental organizations took measures to support the economic situation that affects thousands of women and children.

With an increase in the incidents of domestic violence since the implementation of the measure of confinement in Los Angeles, the foundation decided to help Fund the Mayor to provide 10 weeks of support to victims in the form of shelter, meals and counseling for people and their children.

The action is due to that the options to report and receive treatment for domestic violence have become more limited, and many shelters have reached their capacity.

Some weeks ago, Rihanna, through his company, Fenty Beauty, also donated $ 5 million to help local food banks to serve communities at risk in the united states. UU.

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