Selena Gomez shared a hot photo in the style of “Shut Up And Drive” by Rihanna

Selena Gomez she decided to be one of the artists known for igniting passions in Instagram sharing the hot photos from their last photo session before the pandemic COVID-19 the style of the music video “Shut Up And Drive” by Rihanna.

Selena Gomez shared a hot photo in the style of “Shut Up And Drive” by Rihanna

Selena Gomez shares new photos on Instagram

With several outfits, from tiny shorts, entallados pants and tops that fit perfect to the “babes”, Selena Gomez surprised his 173 million followers in Instagram with the photos that she also shared in their InstaStories.

  • “I was so excited to share my session with @interviewmag, and my conversation with @amyschumer before this horrible pandemic. Given that it will go out today, I just want to remind you all to stay safe at home, Thank you to each person involved!”.

Both the fans of Selena Gomez as their peers in the entertainment world and the music industry were delighted to see the photographs of the Latin, who were full of compliments in your comments.

Selena Gomez crazy with new music

Selena Gomez has not let anything stop her during the promotions of his new album “Rare”, which has had to do to be more limited by the pandemic coronavirus or COVID-19.

In recent days, Selena Gomez debuted three new tracks that are part of the deluxe edition of “Rare”: “Boyfriend”, “Souvenir” and “She” as well as the official video for the first issue a day after its launch.

The ex – star of Disney Channel announced to their fans that part of the earnings of their themes deluxe will be donated to institutions dedicated to combating the current pandemic by COVID-19.

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The official video of “Boyfriend” was already premiered through the YouTube channel of Selena Gomez has come to the 15, 759, 870 million views just three days of its release.