Serena Williams is still resisting the 24th Grand Slam


If the bad forecasts are met, we will have only two Grand Slam in the rest of the season. Due to the break in the that is found in both the WTA as the ATP Wimbledon has already been ruled out this year, the US Open, which is due to begin on August 24 and whose organizers still do not rule out that can be done is in a delicate situation due to the expansion of the infection in New York city in these times and Roland Garros that has now been postponed to September is the most likely to be made.

With only two opportunities (at the moment) to get to match the 24 Grand Slams of Margaret Court in front and a suspension of tournaments which affects the physical state of one of the players, veterans of the tournament, Serena faces a hard panorama to 38 years. The american that came to prevail in Auckland to his compatriot Jessica Pegula and lift the first trophy since his return to the tracks, was recovering sensations little by little, feelings that have been stymied by the difficult situation that crosses the circuit, which has failed to make any tournament a month ago and are not expected to do so again until mid-July.

At your age, you need always something of pace to get in top form at the most important tournaments, to be both time-stop is going to be lethal” he said John Fitzgeraldex-world number 1 in doubles and ex-captain of the australian Davis Cupwith respect to how it will affect the break to the american.

Time is of the essence and its proximity to the 40 years ago that continue to grow in doubts if the Saginaw can match the record of Margaret Court. Barbara Schett expert Eurosport think that will be hard to achieve after what happened this season “I think that the time passes slowly; this enforced rest certainly is not good for her or for the older players. If you don’t play for a few months, not compete, does not help. I was convinced last year that he was going to win a Grand Slam title, but now I’m starting to feel that it is not so possible.”

Serena that has managed to build up to 10 Grand Slam titles since that might be fulfilled the 30 got the last one at the Australian Open in 2017 in front of her sister Venus, becoming the player most veteran getting a large with 35 years and 124 days. That same season the american would take a break of the ski due to pregnancy, after which he had to contend with two problemson the one hand the resume the pace of physical and on the other, to achieve placate the self-imposed imposed to achieve at least one last big match to Margaret Court.

“Their level is good enough, but we have to understand what is happening and why no one can win. There is a big difference between getting to a final and win one,” said Mouratoglou after losing Serena Williams in the third round in the last Australian Open. And is that the u.s. has had up to four opportunities (two at Wimbledon and two at US Open) since his return to achieve this by being the last occasion on which the last U.S. Open in front of the canadian Bianca Andreescu. “Considering all that has been achieved, I believe that there is no doubt that it is the best of the modern history. It is curious that you are suffering and demanding both to itself by winning another title that allows you to match to Margaret Court.” said John Fitzgerald.

“She believes she can do it and I think so too. It is not far away, but we have to change some things. It is difficult to know how many opportunities you will have. I don’t know until when will be able to play. But have been able to reach the final in four Grand Slam says a lot about her, and is not far from achieving the twenty-fourth.” he said Patrick Mouratoglou on Serena at the beginning of the year.

Will have to wait at least until the end of summer to see if the circuit returns to normal, and Serena can go back to having a new opportunity before the end of the year to break the curse and match to Margaret Court.