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The Scandal / Homeland / The New Pope

While quarantine no sign of ending soon, those who remain locked up are the scrounge for new series or movies that help both keep you entertained and distracted.

Fortunately, Flow and Cablevisión HD presented tapes and strips featured, which they offer to their subscribers during the next few days, just in time to face a new week of social isolation, preventive and mandatory in the Republic of Argentina.

So you don’t miss out on any premiere or novelty, we leave you below the full agenda.

Already available on On Demand Flow

The scandal: When Gretchen Carlson hits the founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes, with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, no one could predict what would happen after. His decision leads to the correspondent of Fox News, Megyn Kelly, to submit your own story, as well as many other women, encouraging a move that will impact around the world.

The Scandal – Photo: Courtesy of the press

Juamanji: The next level: The adventures continue in the fantastic world of the game Jumanji, where nothing is what it seems. On this occasion, the players return to the game, but their characters have been exchanged with each other. This offers a curious site: the same heroes with different appearance; but, where is the rest of the people?

The New Pope: Full season.

The New Pope – Photo: Fox Premium

Agenda of premieres for the next few days

Friday, April 24th

Batwoman: New episode 22h by HBO. The following Monday, each chapter available On Demand Flow.

Saturday, April 25

Bad Education: New episode 22h by HBO. The following Monday, each chapter available On Demand Flow.
Acropora: Crazy behind the wheel: 22:00 pm by FOX Premium Movies. Available in On Demand Flow, by the following Monday.
Project blue Book, season 2: New episode at 23:30 by History. The following Monday, each chapter available On Demand Flow.

Sunday, April 26,

Westworld: New chapter to the 22:00 on HBO. The next day, available On Demand Flow.
Insecure: New chapter to the 23:30h on HBO. The next day, available On Demand Flow.
Run: New chapter, from 00:00 on HBO. The next day, available On Demand Flow.

Monday, April 27

The killer Golden State: 21:10 am by A&E. – Joseph James DeAngelo was linked by DNA with 12 murders, 45 sexual assaults and more than 120 robberies in Sacramento and in Orange County, between 1976 and 1986. The journalist Stephanie Gosk and detective Paul Holes, who played a major role in his arrest, recreate the raid criminal of this sinister character.
Fleabag: From Monday, 27, at 22:30h by Comedy Central. Premiere in cable. – Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the scriptwriter, the protagonist and winner of countless awards for this comedy very personal about the obsessions of a woman without direction. With a lot of irony and cynicism, this british makes us complicit in their insecurities, evils, and frustrations, while trying to find a solution to your sentimental life, family and work.

Tuesday April 28

Homeland: Last episode of the series, 00:00 pm by FOX Premium Series. Available the next day On Demand of Flow.

Homeland – Photo: Fox

Kill Chain The Cyber War on America’s Elections: 20:00 pm on HBO. Available the next day on On Demand Flow. The directors of Hacking Democracythe documentary winner of the Emmy in 2006, on this occasion followed the course of computer hacker Finnish Harri Hursti in his journey through the united States and the world, to show how the computer system election remains unprotected, with very little accountability or transparency. Through the reports it is exposed that the ballots are vulnerable to any kind of attack.

Poldark uncovered: 21:00 pm by Film&Arts. This one-hour special follows the cast and the production team while giving life to the fascinating saga of Winston Graham. As an exclusive tour to the real stories behind the fiction, this documentary includes the testimonies of the consulting firm historical Hannah Greig and Andrew Graham –son of Winston– who reveals how his father began to write these novels being a coast guard during the Second World War.

9-1-1Season 3 part 2: New episode at 22:00 on FOX. The next day, each chapter available On Demand Flow. In the chapter “New beginnings”, Bobby knows the parents of Athena; Doug wants to be involved in the life of Chimney and Athena receives a distressing call.

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