She took all the blame it’s Chris Pratt accuses Jennifer Lawrence!


The rumors about the infidelity of your husband, can make you doubt up to the point of ‘ruin’ an entire relationship. So happened to the actress Anna Faris, ex-wife of the famous Chris Pratt. The confidence in the couple must be total, but the the insistence of the press on ‘create this insecurity on the head’ resulted in their divorce.

The actress herself has recently revealed that he began to doubt after the filming of ‘Passengers’ share allocation and ownership both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Their chemistry on screen and off it dynamited a rain of rumors about the ‘new couple’, coming to such a caliber that his own wife what he came to believe.

Both Pratt as Lawrence consistently denied that they had an adventure, but Anna, it seems that not sharing this ‘version of the story’. It seems that the saying ‘a lie told a hundred times becomes the truth’ were fulfilled to the letter. The own wife of Pratt admitted that after so many rumors your concern about a possible infidelity of her husband was ever increasing, and his mental health grew worse from day to day because of this problem.

It was without a doubt a key factor for the couple to end up opting for divorce. This kind of situation, he was not doing any good to any of the two. Although it seems that Anna Faris will not bare a grudge to his partner in the profession. Interestingly, currently Jennifer Lawrence is a good friend of both and everything has been clarified. But all this buzz has ended his relationship, both seems that you don’t look to the past. Pratt goes through the best time of his career and ‘passed again by the altar’ months after their separation. After go back to ‘settling down’, enjoy your life with Katherine Schwarzenegger.