SINGERS: By making this request they will kill Shakira on social networks


Published a press release making the request to the government not liked the followers. By making this request they will kill Shakira in social networks.

By means of their social networks, Shakira made a call in favor of the smallest of the house so they can walk during this confinement.

The singer he shared a reflection that was not well-received by his thousands of followers, because he has asked that you let the children out to the street so that they can breathe fresh air.

She also highlights that grant the permissions must also abide by the established rules on social distancing to avoid infection; however, their way of thinking or reasoning the physical needs of the children not to have gained more popularity in the network.

“Knowing the situation of parents with small children in this difficult period of quarantine, I empathize with those who do not have an outdoor space or balcony for their children to breathe clean air. If you are allowed to walk dogs or adults to buy, I would have to think of a solution to grant this same right to the children who need the sun and the air for their physical and mental health,” she said.

The reactions

Millions of families around the world are keeping quarantine as a preventive due to the coronavirus, to protect your health, that is why I was annoying the message of the colombian.

  • “It is amazing how the quarantine affects the neurons of some parents are already doing effects ??♂️”
  • “…Of course not! Just in case you haven’t read well about this virus. You notice uninformed”
  • “Not lady. The isolation is total. The children are not going to die for not to come out”
  • “The stupidity of the day on account of Shak”
  • “Very unfortunate comment. There are thousands of people dying, and entered very serious”
  • “¡¡Strongly DISAGREE!!! Sos is a public figure and more so your message should be staying HOME”