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It has been a year and a half since that Sophie Turner we was amazed by all of you with the bad combination of styles that used to appear at the wedding Kit Harington and Rose Lesliehis two companions Game of Thrones.

The controversial clothing included high black boots paired with a top, a bag of Louis Vuitton and an american red, a game with some quirky sunglasses. Since then, it is not the set that you’d to go to the wedding of someone important.

After all this time, Turner has confessed that that was a bad choice. During an interview with Ellethe actress, who played Sansa in the fictional medieval HBOtold the why of that horrendous decision.

Apparently I had two dresses ready but none of them was quite right. “Two of the dresses more elegant that I chose I do not sit well […] I had an emergency fashion“he explained during the interview. As I did not know what to wear to get out of the way, and it was too late to turn back, decided to use the one set that we see in the photograph.

The first thought I had after discarding the two sets of initials, as she told Turner, was to bring about high high heels red combined with the rest of the garments.

However, as did not want to teach too much the legs –perhaps a decision too risky to be a wedding– he preferred to opt for those boots black, we confess, did not fit too in the outfit.

I’ll never forget that look. It was one of the worst decisions of style that I have taken,” explained the actress, who is currently pregnant of your partner, Joe Jonas.

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