That sounds so “Fetch the bolt cutters”, the new album of Fiona Apple where she collaborates Cara Delevingne and their 5 dogs


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Only positive reviews you have received the new album of Fiona Apple, Fetch the bolt cutterstheir first album in eight years.

The singer of 42 years began to create the 13 tracks that comprise in 2015. In an interview with Vulturesaid that “making this album helped me a lot to overcome thingsthis is something that I don’t know if I can say of my previous albums”.

In addition, it revealed that its composition helped her to stay sober and to facing a sexual abuse he suffered at the age of 12.

The name of the disk comes from the television series The Fallwhen the character played by Gillian Anderson investigates the case of a girl who has been tortured.

According to the artist, the message of his fifth studio album is “do not be afraid to talk about”.

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In the recording of the album participated the bassist Sebastian Steinberg, guitarist David Garza and percussionist Amy Aileen Wood.

In addition, account with the vocal collaboration of the model and actress Cara Delevingneand in the credits to figure their five dogs: Mercy, Maddie, Leo, Little, & Alfi.

Pitchfork put a 10, the best note, and Rolling Stone he stated that “it is the best work of his career.”

Listen Fetch the bolt cutters here: