The 10 best sagas of superheroes to watch in quarantine


The superheroes are a complex topic, from its origins to its epic boss fights with hundreds of villains. The topic is so vast that normally cannot be addressed in a single movie.

This is why superheroes are often protagonists of sagas or series film. This is several movies in which he develops a complex story, with the thematic thread of the same characters.

In reality, here there is a debate, as there are experts in the film who believe that only can be called the “saga” of those universes that cover more than 10 movies.

However, for the vast majority of fans, a saga is the same as a franchise or series of films, so that you only need two or more to begin to use this word.

Outside of the technicalities, what is certain is that the sagas of superheroes are a great way to kill time this quarantine and that’s why in, we have compiled the best.

1. Avengers

What began with Iron Man and concluded with Avengers: Endgame in 2019 was a chair of how to put together a saga on the screen. With 23 films and multiple series connected, the Marvel Universe was coming together piece by piece the equipment that would be key for the fight against Thanos, the worst villain of the galaxy.

Photo: Marvel/Disney

2. X-Men (original tapes)

The Trilogy X-Men, which began in the year 2000, was one of the pioneers in expanding the argument of the superheroes across multiple tapes. In these films, we saw key moments for the mutants, as the awakening of Dark Phoenix in Jean Grey.

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3. X-Men (prequels)

Separate mention deserves the new trilogy of X-men, consisting of prequels that brought us to the origin of the team mutant. The games between the past and present of this series gave a unique touch, although the last delivery has been disapproved by the critics.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

4. Wolverine

As you can see, the saga of X-Men consisted of small series and without doubt one of the most impressive was the starring Wolverine. We hurt put an end to the character Logan in 2017, but you have to applaud the acting of Hugh Jackman in this role.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

5. Saga Deadpool

It is complicated to include Deadpool in this count, because while it is a part of the Universe, X-Men, his tone and temporality break with other tapes in the series.

For now, alone is made up of two films featuring Ryan Reynolds, but the door remains open to a third, now that Wade Wilson modified the timelines of their own history.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

6. Spider-Man with Tobey McGuire

The dumbbell between director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker proved to be highly effective, to the degree that many still consider it the best adaptation of this superhero.

To all this we must add that the rest of the cast also did a great job as Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane and James Franco as Harry Osborn were fantastic. Needless to say the villains: Willem Dafoe is still remembered as The Green Goblin.

Photo: Marvel/Sony

7. Batman of Christopher Nolan

If there is someone who managed to do films of superheroes were taken seriously was Christopher Nolan. Thanks to its dark tone, we saw the dark Knight with uncanny realism, from its origins until his retirement.

In addition to the accurate choice of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, the rest of the cast was exquisite: Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murpjy, Michael Cane and Tom Hardy are just a few of the names in this award winning cast.

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Photo: DC Comics/ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

8. Batman Tim Burton

Despite the fact that the trilogy of Nolan marked a before and after in the genre of the heroes, without a doubt would not have been possible to achieve without the trilogy of Tim Burton.

Although for the last movie Burton was replaced by Joel Schumacher, there is no doubt that the eccentric touch and full of black humor of the first director were still present at the end of the saga.

Photo: Warner Bros

9. The Justice League

This is also a case controversial because there are many doubts regarding their future. Although characters such as Acuamán and Wonder Woman triumphed in solo, the version of Batman starring Ben Affleck did not convince many and it seems that Hernry Cavill nor will the role of Superman.

Recently it has also been questioned whether Ezra Miller will continue in the role of Flash or if there will be a sequel of Acuamán after the controversy over domestic violence of Amber Heard, one of its protagonists.

Photo: Warner Bros., RatPac Entertainment

10. Superman Christopher Reeve

Before Henry Cavill put on the tights, Christopher Reeve gave life to Clark Kent and what he did so well that, for many, is still the best version of this character.

The original series includes four films, plus the spin-off derivative with the history of Supergirl and a very criticized with Batman Returns, released in 2006.

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