The acclaimed message of awareness of Millie Bobby Brown at meet 16: so it has endured the pressure of the spotlight and the headlines


Today, Millie Bobby Brown meet 16 years. Yes, only 16. It can make us little, because a long time ago that you came into our lives in the hand of Netflix. ‘Stranger Things’ (I had made small inroads in the industry, but nothing comparable) got that, with just 12 years, became the center of all eyes. Of praise to your work… and also the criticism. And some of the situations that has had to deal with, have not been easy, precisely because of his young age.

The actress has done a review on video how has been growing since it was introduced to the world. A few images in which it is shown how he has matured, but that have been in the background before the forcefulness of the message with which he decided to accompany the recording.

“16, I’ve been waiting a long time for you to llegáseis. I think that change we need a change not only for the people who come to this generation, but also for anyone who deals with the next. Our world needs kindness and support for children to grow and have success,” begins after he led the publication and waving to all the girls who share age.

I hope that this video serves to illustrate on what happens behind the reality of the headlines”

“The last few years have not been easy, I admit. There have been moments in which I feel frustrated by the inaccuracy and inappropriateness of certain comments, the sexualization and the insults are unnecessary that, in short, I have caused you pain and insecurity. But I never give up. I will continue doing what I love and spreading the message necessary to perform the change,” he continues.

“Let’s focus on what needs to change, and I hope that this video serves to illustrate on what happens behind the reality of the headlines and the flashing lights. Don’t worry, they always find a way to smile”, he shoots a Millie that, at the very least, there will be removed some other consciousness, with a speech very applauded in the network and invite you to think about how to help the young talent, that fame does not cause emotional disorders.